Dear Wen …II


Diana and co north 004Dear Wen,

Yes, thanks, back up and about again now.
I am fortunate enough to be able to enjoy my illnesses.

Observing the rapid shrinkage of the ‘Body World’ and the necessary re-assessment of the challenges this brings is a constant source of entertainment along with the corresponding expansion of the ‘Inner World’.

I may have to hang on to your coat tails with the ‘Mercian Thing’ for a stretch of the way.

Diana and co north 075

You stole a bit of a march getting over to the ‘Island of Holiness’ without me, and as you know I didn’t get much from the Lincolnshire trip. I do not really know why but it may have something to do with the Templar Situation that went on there.

I am glad the ‘Woden Thing’ seems to be ‘bearing fruit’.

It is an idea which, if correct, would make a lot of sense out of a great many things which otherwise don’t make very much sense at all in the History of our Most Noble British Nation, or at least, the history as we have been told it.

I am also happy to give you your head with the ‘Penda Thing…’For my liking the name is far too close a rhyme with… well… let us not go there shall we .

fog 026

As for ‘the dog’ as you so succinctly put it…
The Anu Question seems again to be looming large upon the horizon. When does it ever not. Do not the legends of old refer to such as the Black Beast of Waddesdon forever lurking just out of reach of our workaday sensibilities?

Inevitably, I feel another ‘Man to Human-Eyed-Bird-Horse-Dog type Chat’ coming on.

I know he does not mean to be vindictive and it is within the nature of this beast to be playful, but enough is, after all, well, quite definitely enough, actually…

…And I suspect he has not so much as glanced at the books I left him the last time I visited, unless of course this latest ruse is his very own warped attempt at moving beyond both Good and Evil…
In which case, I may just have to root out my somewhat battered copy of ‘The Sacred Executioner’… for next time…

Now, where is that bridle?

Cu Soon…

Don x

P.S. We may have to find The Lost Stone in this one, which should not be too problematic eh?

collage1Don and Wen are protagonists in the Triad of Albion and Doomsday series of books by Stuart France and Sue Vincent.


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