Dear Wen IV

Dear Wen

I suppose ultimately ‘Odin’s Steed’ is the wheel of the year, which he rides like the wind and which could almost be another parallel with the Christ Spirit that blows where it listeth…

Repton and Breedon would be good at some point but I also have a yearning to spend some time in Bake-Well this weekend and not just for the tarts…

There is a hill-fort to the left of the bend as you approach the bridge into the village and I would quite like to have a shufty at the crossroads, which may have once sported our Saxon Cross from the frontispiece of Aethling…

I know it now makes a lot of sense for the crosses to be in the churchyard, for all sorts of reasons, but can you imagine what it would be like coming across one in original situ…?

It is possible that the stories derived from the sculpted panels would have been told from these points, which will surely still resonate?

…Or we could leave the Silver-Bullet and head out to Castleton by train. It gives a different and quite stunning perspective to some of the hills we have become familiar with in our recent travels.

The myths are important but they do not really come properly alive until you get out into the landscape.

They are the voice of the land and that is where they live.

I cannot say I fancy a trip to Wednesbury somehow, not sure why…

Chuck a ball for the Black Beast…
…then chuck it again…

and again…



Don x

Don and Wen are protagonists in the Triad of Albion and Doomsday series of books by Stuart France and Sue Vincent.

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