Dear Wen VII

Dear Wen

‘I don’t know. I wasn’t there…It’s impossible to say…’

Well, not having been invited to Ashbourne of course…

The bell clapper sounding hollowly is an analogy of a lost soul… The bell or the ‘silent shell’ is the body, or hell, or both…

The discovered or found soul in contrast resonates or sounds in harmony… and harmony as we know from Ben’s tireless efforts is seven-fold…

So the Saint’s and Angels could well be referring to the Elohim and since they were ‘instrumental’ in creating the days of the week your suppositions may well be correct… but I would have to take a closer look at the windows.

Yes, the ‘Man’ thing has been surfacing in my consciousness a lot since the weekend. What I saw all those years ago was a ‘sort of mirage’. You can well imagine what the ancient’s would have made of it and, of course, it fits with our findings with regard to not only our perceptions but also the notion of perception more generally…

Tell the daft dog that his promotions are supposed to be helping sell our books not his own!

I shall be having words…

Like the ferret hat!

Though I suspect he may be encroaching on my image…

Quite why is anyone’s guess, he’s feral enough.


Don x

Don and Wen are protagonists in the Triad of Albion and Doomsday series of books by Stuart France and Sue Vincent.

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