Dear Wen XI


Dear Wen,

Weather no better here… but an improvement is forecast… hope so or it will be wellies and waterproofs for our Fin Cop trip…

Simon’s inclusion in such a ‘heavyweight’ window seems a little OTT for a mere visit… and he is carrying a very green staff…

Looking forward to examining the credentials of all the New Testament Simons for the next one…

I have a vision of Simon the Essene skulking about the sand dunes of Nag Hammadi burying things…


london 008I can see Veronica’s veil, leading us a merry dance and into all kinds of muddy water… so we may have to leave the wellies on.

We could call that chapter, ‘the dance of the seven wellies’… or maybe not.

I never really got on with White, although obviously an important author Matter of Britain wise…

Strange that he taught at Stowe, which we visited. His writing is like the school precincts…labyrinthine.

The Gosforth Cross turned up again in a book on Viking Mythology… Thor’s bait on his fishing trip is, apparently, an ox head… mmm now why would a Thunder God use an ox head as bait for fish?

london-008Think Little Grub… think.

Course, they might always be wrong about the ox head… and they might not be fish…

I have a handle on the backward glancing beast though… it is linked to perceptions of the ‘now’…

Speaking of beasts… the Black Dribbly One does right for once…

Hibernation is definitely the order of the day… just not in MY sofa…ani-004


Don x

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