Dear Wen XIII

Dear Wen,

Ah yes, the infamous Cephalophores… which I am assuming means ‘head-bearer’, odd how the job-lot of them are depicted carrying the head in the centre of the chest rather than under the arm, like the horseman…

5 Pickering (18)

The rape thing is all a bit unfortunate… but symbolically, perhaps, the ‘descent’ of the Divine could be regarded as a ‘rape’ of sorts… Is the conscious mind raped by the subconscious when dreaming? I expect we are straying into ‘Dionysian’ or ‘Bacchic’ areas with that one.

It does seem strange that these types of tales were adopted by the church, and in some cases actively encouraged… or was it more a case of the ‘voice of the people’…

5 Pickering (3)

I am definitely not getting into the water if it is one of ‘your’ wells.

I shall probably be transformed into something hideous, and black… and smelly… which dribbles…

Can’t we just translate it as free-wine instead, a much better proposition all round I should think.

You will have to do without the Kites up here of course, although weirdly we did see that pair over the Raven-Stone that time…Do you remember?
As you know, although I hate to admit it I kind of have to side with the Daft Dog on that one…

Winter is definitely for hibernating in…5

Don’t you dare tell him though… he’ll only start getting ideas about a writing partnership…


Don x

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