Dear Don XV

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breedon (144)Dear Don,

I wish I’d left you copies of the photos… you should see the stones now that there is time to really consider them! I’m betting the lion slaying David has an alter ego… and I wonder how many of the accepted interpretations of figures could be reassigned to the myths of pagan streams?

We tend to forget that many of them were discovered in an age where piety wore a crucifix and admitted of no other valid faith. Anything non-Christian was pagan… and never the twain could meet, though certainly the papal mission had other ideas on that, as the letter to Mellitus shows.

scotland trip jan 15 247
It is something we have come across often enough really… the ancient sites Christianised with shrine or church built upon the older places of faith… the churches with stone circles in their foundations, the hillforts topped with a chapel… We’ve been finding such places…

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