Dear Don XVI

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

scotland trip jan 15 395Dear Don,

Well, that’s it. I’ve finally managed to finish the journal of our last jaunt we have a reasonable record now as well as the four thousand visual reminders in my photo files… For all I have scribbled down so much about the trip I left such a lot out too. I’m hoping what is there will remind us. I still can’t quite believe how much we managed to see, you know! I am so grateful.

Even harder to encompass is the sheer scale of the ‘coincidences’ that appear to have wandered the road with us. Right down to Kentigern’s association with both Aberlady and our hairy anchorite… or the same masons working on three Norman churches 250 miles apart. There is a lot to take in and digest. I wonder where it will lead?

scotland trip jan 15 207I’ve tried to allude to some of the stuff that cropped up in the…

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