Five Star Treatment – The Initiate by Sue Vincent and Stuart France

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Welcome to the Five Star Treatment and today The Initiate by Sue Vincent and Stuart France.  A winning collaboration and deserving of the many terrific reviews, not just for this book and previous works but also their new release Mister Fox, The Legend which also looks amazing. But first… The Initiate.

BookCoverPreviewinitiate fornt

About the Book
Imagine wandering through an ancient landscape wrought in earth and stone, exploring the sacred sites of peoples long ago and far away in time and history. The mounds and barrows whisper legends of heroes and magic, and painted walls sing of saints and miracles.

Now imagine that the lens of the camera captures a magical light in soft blues and misty greens and gold. A light that seems to have no cause in physical reality. What would you do? If you were open to the possibility of deeper realities, perhaps you would wish to explore…

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