Dear Wen XXIV

sheffield chesterfield hare 103Dear Wen…

‘We are children of earth whose home is a starry heaven…’

Light as the ‘first-born creature’ is interesting but decidedly not Roman… in my humble opinion.

sheffield chesterfield hare 534I had a feeling your Mary was not a Mary which is the reason why I asked… Chesterfield again appears to be looming large…what with the St Francis ’chain’ which is scheduled for the last chapter of Scions…and the emphasis on the ‘apostolic succession’ which as we now know is not at all the way it is traditionally told…or depicted…or understood…which means misunderstood.

Coventry not Canterbury…

Yes, there does seem to be a bit of an artistic theme developing in the depiction of the old adversary… personally I subscribe to the edict of ‘the devil within’ and the ‘Gollum-like’ figure is also reminiscent of how psychologically speaking we perceive our own bodies… large head, eyes, hands, feet, genitals, spindly arms and legs etc…

The problem here in terms of inaccuracy lies not in the body but in how we perceive it…or how it registers with us, that is, in the mind.

Yes again, Giants and Devils and bodies, of course, the St Christopher, being an Ogre neatly side-steps this trend by being the being to bear the ‘Christ’ principle and so something of a Baalam’s ass…or indeed a Golden Ass…

16th-century fresco,unknown artist
16th-century fresco,unknown artist

Planting Staff’s and Cephalophores would make a good chapter heading, or perhaps not, and I’ve now forgotten the one we came up with over the weekend… because I didn’t earth it…?

St Michael’s spear is another ‘earth bound staff’…

The allusion at Coventry is specifically, Revelation, which makes the 20409_10151162480667852_1460446639_nDevil, the Beast…

Who ate all the cheese?

Like I need ask…

The Shed-Man has a lot to answer for…


Don x

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