Dear Wen XXV

CA Village and church (12)Dear Wen…



Six…Six… Six… is a Sun number and also another Nine…

Cerne Abbas with its Glastonbury vibe and its church with a Jacket full of Giants… prime revealer of the inner and the outer symbolism which has since morphed into the symbolism of the upper and the lower…

But what is the difference between subjugation and repression?

There is a visual link well worth pursuing between St John the Evangelist and John Shorn…

14 sept 548What is the difference between a dragon in a chalice and a devil in a boot?

Or to put it another way…John, shorn of what?

In which case a clearer picture of the John Shorn at North Marston might be useful…

That should probably be… ‘Just Men…’ Twelve just men good and true…
Isn’t that what happened to Tam Lin in the folk-song?

It seems to ring a bell…And what of Carter Haugh…?

I cannot shake the image of earth tapping from my mind…

The Mister Fox dance which incorporates it is especially clever…Then there’s Gandalf on the Bridge of Khazad dum.

Mister FoxAt root it seems to be the magical gesture which produces both ‘living trees’ and ‘living water’…

What do birds do to get worms to the surface of the earth?

They imitate rainfall…ani girl small

A pawn in the paw so to speak…


Don x

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