Dear Don XXIX

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Mister FoxDear Don,

Well, that was a weekend and a half! Even though, as always, it ended way too so on. What a wonderful way to end it though…It began with seeing the poster for our Mister Fox book And ended with the Foxes themselves!  And you can read the whole of the Rubáiyát now too, instead of having me quote verses piecemeal.

I did check the etymology of ‘kettle’… you are out of luck, it does not…officially at least… share an origin with ‘catch’. Your turban was more interesting; one of the biblical terms for it also denotes a diadem…which may originally have been just a wrapping, but has come to mean so much more.

I’m inclined to agree about the motion of the heavens. Civilisation does need ‘a star to sail by’ after all. We have talked often enough of those who, before the advent of more earthbound technologies…

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