Dear Wen XXIX

Foxfire Sue VincentDear Wen…

“I sent my Soul invisible some after-word of life to spill…
And it spent many days away before returning yet to say…
“Behold thyself are you not both of Heaven and of Hell…?”
– Omar… (Fitz/Don mix)

Every good verse deserves embellishment or alternatively corruption.

Take your pick!

The traditional conception is of the snake-skin as a life-time but I see no reason why the idea should not be utilised for a re-birth or new life… especially for one treading a spiritual path…

Yes, it was all a little odd wasn’t it?

That Charles James Fox fellow is a tricky character… Arrange a meet to discuss the Workshop and we nearly get roped into the Fire Dance proper…

Maybe he has us down as potential vermin?

Silver fox Sue VincentStill, we both got some great shots although I am now of course prevaricating loading mine up…

‘Mister Fox: The Dances’ would be a good target for Xmas…

The Companions at the Symposium seem to have been impressed by and enjoyed River…

Roll on the Green One…ani duck (9)

But, shh… Don’t tell the Black Slobbery One I said that…

Don x

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