If one is interested in Mythology then there are a couple of books published under the Silent Eye Press banner which it would be foolish to be unaware of.

The first is the cycle of Egyptian Myths put together by Sue Vincent which goes by the intriguing moniker, ‘The Osiriad’.

Whilst ourselves familiar with most of the stories in this collection the notion that these tales actually formed a cycle telling the beginnings of the Gods and their operations in Egypt came as something of a pleasant surprise and each individual tale gains immeasurably by finding its rightful place in the overall scheme.

It is a welcome and masterly contribution to the Egyptian Pantheon.
The second is our own foray into that corpus of Mythological Tales which we believe represent the Ancient Myths of Albion.

LL 3D osi

‘Crucible of the Sun…’ is an ideal primer for anyone contemplating the study of the venerable stories contained in, ‘The Mabinogion.’
But don’t take my word for it here’s Shan Morgain, complier of the invaluable online resource for this Mythos: Mabinogi Study.
‘A highly creative retelling of the tales which merges, omits and rearranges characters and events…Those new to the tales will find it very exciting, stylish and evocative of a tribal past…’

LL 3D cruc

For less than the price of a couple of drinks one can get ones head around the sources of two of the Highest Cultures known to man. So what are you waiting for?

Both Titles  are available to purchase in paperback or for Kindle from Amazon.comAmazon UK and worldwide.

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