Dear Don XXXIV

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Avebury SE weekend 451Dear Don,

Well, that was a pretty interesting weekend all round. No Jesters… unless we qualify as Fools… but the Green Lions were particularly interesting, of course.

Mind you, we will definitely have to go back now, preferably at the Equinox of course. I hadn’t realised the shaft of light was quite so spectacular across the face of the stone… the one you pointed out anyway as being ‘the daddy’. It does beg the question what they were up to with my ‘scratch dial’ on the adjacent stone and gives credence to what I thought was probably a bit far-fetched even for me.

Have you heard of ‘Silbaby’, by the way? Another disputed mound I came across on Julian Cope’s site? It says, “it’s slopes equate precisely with Silbury’s, it’s exactly on a line between Silbury and The Sanctuary and is co-visible with both, it has a sarsen lying on…

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