Tracking the Silent Eye . . .

Sun in Gemini

For those interested in the Silent Eye School of Consciousness, we have recently (July 2015) re-written our eleven-page overview about our Work. The images and text below are extracted from the downloadable PDF document, which is also indexed to provide fast links directly from your browser. You can download the full version of this by clicking below:

Silent Eye 2015 Gen BrochureV1AA

SE2105 Broch Montage1-3

The Call of the Soul (Cover Page) – An introduction to the work of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness

“Have you wanted to wake up to a world in which you feel you really belong? A world where your experience of life makes perfect sense and you greet each day with both fulfilment and purpose? A world that recognises your unique beauty…. and offers you its own?”

A Modern Mystery School (Page 2)

‘A Modern Mystery School’ – It’s a simple statement, but it carries a powerful intent…

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