Underwater City at Yonaguni, Japan: The Search Continues

More on the ‘submerged or sunken city syndrome’…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                     Image source: www.bibliotecapleyades.net

The tantalising search for clues and debate over the authenticity of this undersea anomaly known as the Yonaguni Monument continues…

The monument was discovered by accident in 1987, off the coast of  Yonaguni Island, near Okinawa Japan, by a local diver named Kihachiro Aratake, while he was looking for schools of hammerhead sharks. He subsequently dubbed it with the enigmatic title of Iseki (Ruins) point. Aratake and other divers also later found a scattering of seemingly connected underwater structures in the surrounding area.

While hardened skeptics are adamant that the monument and surrounding structures are nothing more than freaks of geology, opinion remains divided among the most qualified of researchers to have visited the site.

 Evidence for Authenticity

Eyewitness testimony as to the man-made nature of the underwater structure is extremely convincing, especially when cross-referenced with…

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