Tee minus Three days and counting…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I had plans tonight… work to do, jobs and people to catch up with… then the phone rang and I have done little since… my son had a lot to say.

Nick made the news section of the website UKABIF, the brain injury charity for which he is raising funds by riding in the Para-Tri triathlon.


I wouldn’t have known, but I wanted to share a link to their website as they had a documentary embedded there, ‘Me and my new brain’, from the BBC. It is available for another two weeks on BBC iPlayer, by clicking the highlighted link.

Nick had watched it and it had moved him deeply as he recognised so much of the young woman’s journey. In particular, he told me of a moment when she had been asked what, after brain injury, she finds awkward. “Everything,” she had said… and listening to Nick talk, I…

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