Dear Wen XLII

Dear Wen…

Not quite the same sense of light, perhaps, but a credible interpretation

I am minded of the Egyptians with their Canopic Jars… Could these be considered light bearers I wonder…Best ask the Beast… eh!

anubis 001
It is certainly a powerful device to regard the inner as the outer, which it undoubtedly is, in this particular way, though I prefer the inner space theory to inner matter…

And not unlike putting the cheapest seats in the top story of a Theatre and calling them the Gods perhaps…Divine Poverty.

It also brings to mind the system of augury where the animal innards were ‘read’.

All very unsavoury to our civilised minds and yet the Astrological correspondences were evidently a hang-over of all that or is it the other way round with the descent into the visceral being degeneration from the higher functions of symbolic thought… or are they neither higher or lower but merely different modes of expression of the same thing? The self-same understanding… that’s what the term correspondence implies after all.

Whatever, it is certainly not what we have been given to believe… but we appear to be back to origins again…which as we know are eminently … tricky.

Diana and co north 163

Aysgarth regarded as a corruption of Asgard I like… although linguistic corruption is usually to the shorter form for ease of usage.

One would have to link the ‘…Bury’s’ presumably.

Thanks for the reminder of what the consecration crosses look like I wasn’t aware that’s what they were known as, that pattern, a stage in the ‘flower of life’ geometry is at least as old as the Egyptians…

Shirking on the ‘Black Shade’ eh, amongst other things, tutt tutt, still it is a task which requires the hand of the ‘Master’ after all…

The Black One has resorted to flattery now has he? He must be gagging for the cheese…flyboys 004

A thing more alive than most would not put up with herding… If you’d kindly put that to his High Slobberiness, as a prelude to our next stage of instruction.

Many Thanks
Don x

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