Dear Don XLIII

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lightrulesDear Don,
The canopic jars are odd, you know. The early ones had human heads, then they began to be representations of Anubis, and eventually became the better known sons of Horus… all four jars always protected by the goddess. Their history pretty much mirrors the journey of the soul, don’t you think?

5 Pickering (91)Each jar was associated with one of the cardinal points and contained the lungs, liver, stomach and intestines. Back to the ‘lights’ again… and it puts yet a different slant on ‘inner’ and ‘outer’…

The heart was not placed within the jars though, but was left in the body as it was the most important of the organs. The brain was simply discarded; not unlike the Christian symbolism in the hagiographies and paintings… the martyrs had their heads removed, the Egyptians just stirred up the brain and whipped it out through the nostrils.

They, of course, believed…

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