Names Matter II…


‘Born to life, in vain,
Opinions, those or these,
Unalter’d to retain,
The obstinate mind decrees…’
Empedocles on Etna

…“My… my…my…but how that ol’ double five do stick in the craw.”
“Oh don’t you start; this whole dialect thing is lending to the story ramifications which it surely cannot possess.”
“What, like holy bait, you mean?”
“Yes, just like that and all that ‘that’ stuff.”
“Infectious isn’t it?”
“And that’s even without the softening of the over baked senses…”
“’Leaven the crust without? You ain’t seen nor heard nothin’ yet.”…

…The king he were a comin’ down the street an he hard her sing, but what she sang he couldn’t hare, so he stopped and said: ‘What were that you was a singun of, maw’r?’…

…“Really, the king just happened to be walking down the street without his entourage and retinue.”
“Yes, really…”

…The woman, she were ashamed to let him hare what her darter had been a doin’, so she sang, ‘stid o’ that:
‘My daughter ha’ spun five, five skeins to day, my darter ha’ spun five, five skeins today…’
‘S’ars o’ mine!” said the king, ‘I never heerd tell of any on as could do that.’…

“Five over baked pies that lead to a lie.”

…“But the king talks just like his subjects!”
“I know, one is on, an’ if you’re on it you’ve won.”
“Did he just reference the stars?”
“Your guess is as good as mine.”…

…Then he said; ‘Look here, I want a wife, and I’ll marry your darter, but mind now ‘leven months o’ the year she shall ha’ all the vittles she likes to eat, and all the gownds she likes to git, and all the cumpny she likes to hev; but that las’ month o’ the year she’ll ha’ to spin five skeins iv’ry day, an if she doon’t she’ll loose her hid.’
‘All right,’ says the woman: for she thowt what a grand marriage that was. And as for them five skeins, when te come tew, there’d be plenty o’ ways of getting owt of it, and likeliest, he’d ha’ forgot about it.’…

…“Vittles are vital to life and a need.”
“Are gowns and company then luxury?”
“The skeins may well have at one time been ‘gol-dun’.”
“Or gul-don, I agree but all one hundred and fifty of ‘em?”
“Not necessarily but I know what you’re thinking isn’t greed.”
“There’s a hidden head too!”
“Not to mention a hare.”…

…Well, so they was married. An’ for leven months the gal had all the vittles she liked to ate, and all the gownds she liked to git, an’ all the cumpny she liked to hev.
But when the time was gettin’ oover, she began to think about them there skeins an’ to wonder if he had ‘em in mind. But not one word did he say about ‘em an’ she whoolly thowt he’d forgot ‘em.
Howsivir, the last day o’ the last month, he takes her to a room she’d niver set eyes on afore. There worn’t nothing in it but a spinnin’ wheel and a stool. An’ says he, ‘Now, me dare, hare yow’ll be shut in tomorrow with some vittles and some flax and if you hain’t spun five skeins by the night, yar hid’ll goo off.’
An’ awa’ he went about his business…
To be continued…

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