Dear Wen XLVI

Arbor Low and Stanton Moor Imbolc 001 (99)Dear Wen…

Well, I regard that as a tad unfair seeing as though my slug trails aren’t actually slug trails at all.

I quite like slugs anyway… admittedly it is not ideal to have herds of them wandering about the gaff like wildebeest on the Serengeti if that is indeed where such beasts hang out but the odd one dropping by to say hello is not too much of an imposition I shouldn’t have thought… Their ‘antennae’ are well cool… and fascinating to observe.

Ah, yes the synchronicities multiply indefinitely do they not?

Jung’s take on it was that such arbitrary correspondences speak of a greater reality the forms of which for the most part we can only grasp at like children trying to catch dreams… or butterflies…

snails and frog 003

It does though make one wonder about the fabled abilities of the Egyptian magicians and such like, perhaps there is a science to this that can be learned, and then taught…

A part of that science would doubtless involve developing the ability not to grasp… to simply hold out ones hand receptively…and ask politely, and I suppose that’s what terms such as possessing an ‘open mind’ refer to… or indeed the ‘divine poverty’… the ability to listen too would be an important attribute… how often does the precise terminology or phraseology used point to the deeper reality of what has actually occurred?

Learn to frame your questions correctly and they answer themselves.

I was wondering about our imminent walkabout too…

We have a number of things to do… but whether that will be all we get to do remains to be seen which I suppose is all part of the fun…

Where will we end up on Thursday for example is a question currently shrouded in mystery?

The question of vandalism at the old sites is really too depressing to contemplate… as is the ego sigil…the desire to ‘make one’s mark’ as my old friend, Bill, from ‘The Reality Asylum’ used to say… a product of the deepest insecurity… but natural and understandable, perhaps.

stanton drew
Best let the Beast out before his demands for more… and more… and yet more cheese become too overwhelming…


Don x

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