SE Ilkley 2015 alveley fenny bentley ironbridge (22)Dear Wen…

Yes, indeed…A real bonus though to get the thread of the Erin trip given to us so clearly, and to have But ‘n’ Ben so nicely rounded off.

Once again we ended up in quite different places than originally intended but to more than good effect.

I had been aware of the ‘newly discovered site’ between Stonehenge and Avebury which probably means there was little distance between the three sites which begs the question whether they were actually three separate sites at all but rather one very large one… with differing functions perhaps…

Nick Birds SE Ilkley 2015 uffington avebury cropton Helmsley 069

Symbolism like geometry is a pure language however that does not mean that this language cannot be misappropriated and turned to an impure will, a little like the Nazis did with the swastika for example…

The field of sheaves is a common metaphor for the otherworld and one of the symbols shown to the initiates of the Greek Mysteries was a sheaf of wheat…

It is a ‘natural’ symbol for the many in the one…

A lot of the gods and goddesses have agricultural aspects which work in a two-fold manner both as sustenance and thus life and also as a higher metaphor as life after life… etc.dark virgin, red kites nick hawk hill (122)

The more one looks at the ancient cultures the more it becomes apparent that they thought very differently about the after life state…

It also becomes obvious that they looked to the sphere of the ancestors for both comfort and guidance during their travails in this world…

The figures and the faces in stone would work very well as a component in ‘ancestral divination’…

As would the use of bones which as we know ultimately degenerated into the games of dice and dominoes among others…virgin rainbows 554

As for crumpets and butter; they were my crumpets and butter no doubt.

I despair of that incorrigible animal…


Don x

3 thoughts on “Dear Wen XLVIII

  1. Well you’ve got me thinking again. Sheaves of wheat. “Sheaves” was a word that kept appearing in my dreams last night, although I can recall little else from a restless night. Now I’ve got something to go on 🙂


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