Animal Magic…

The Silent Eye

kites 127(photo – Sue Vincent)


In the Valley of Birds was consternation.

All the birds had met there to choose a king but none could agree on which of their number it should be.

Eventually they asked Night Owl to devise a game to help them decide.

It was sunrise before Night Owl finished formulating his game plan and was ready to convey it to the rest of the birds.

‘Whoever flies highest in the sky will be king of the birds,’ he hooted, then he rolled his eyes into the top of his skull and fell asleep.

Golden Eagle immediately started to preen his honey coloured feathers and then he spread his wings to their fullest extent.

‘Where will my coronation be,’ he asked somewhat presumptuously?

‘How do you know you’ll win,’ squawked Raven contemptuously?

‘Of course I shall win,’ said Golden Eagle, ‘for I am the biggest, the…

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