Animal Magic #4

The Silent Eye

geometries 020

So Gwythyr took his cloak, his horn, and his clarsach, and he
went to Yellow Owl, “I have come to ask
whether or not you know the whereabouts of Big Chief Hawthorn,
and his daughter Creiddylad whom I am destined to sleep with ?”

Said Yellow Owl, “when first I came here
there was a smith’s anvil in this place and from that time to this
no work has been done on it save the sharpening of my beak
every evening so that the remains of it now are not so much
as the size of a nut but in all that time though I have heard tell
of such a man, I have not yet come across him of whom you inquire.”

Said Gwythyr-the-Bright, “O Silent Stealer of
Souls in the Night, will you tell me what you know ?”

“Indeed I will young Gwythyr but what I have…

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