Five Things…

Shamanic Paths

…I learned too late to make any difference to the outcome…

  1. If you sleep on a metal framed bed, you will, one day, whilst holding your breath and longed for release, overhear your parents at the foot of the stairs say, “Is that him wanking?” There is no recovery from this. Just avoid the temptation at all costs!
  1. If, in your late teens, you join a revolutionary organisation just because you want to get into the pants of the blonde Mata Hari that knocked on your door selling her wares in the form of an Engels-esque leaflet (running to 30 A4 pages); and subsequently rise up the ranks of said organisation because you ‘suddenly’ realise what a noble cause it is to fight for the equality of a proletariat already lost in anticipation of the next wide-flat-3D-bigger-than-your-room TV promised by the capitalist propaganda machine (whilst completely ignoring the impoverished servitude…

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