Finding Gawain – Act One

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Finding Gawain – Act One

The last of the sunlight has gone. The light of the torches flickers in the great hall. The Table Round has assembled for more Yule merriment, but the room has turned to ice. The giant, green figure rides on his equally mighty horse into the sacred space of Camelot’s inner chamber. It is a monstrous sight; a circle of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere’s most famous Knights and their Ladies, brought to a stunned silence by the apparition before them.

Among them are Bedivere and Lady Dindrane, Lord and Lady Grene, King Uriens with the enigmatic Morgan le Fay, Gareth and the Lady Liones, Pellinore and the Lady Yglais, Lancelot and Lady Elaine. At the far door, the Guardian of the Threshold stands, bruised and pushed aside by the monster’s horse; and in the shadows, stand Mordred and his ‘mother’ Queen Morgause. The young pretender to the…

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