The Last Jaffa Cake

The Silent Eye


I get side-tracked a lot. As if something was tugging at my sleeve… The blog was initially designed for thoughts on the school, but half the time, all that happens is that I talk about my dog. You may have noticed.

Not that Ani isn’t worth talking about, of course. She is an education all in herself. She is currently teaching me acting and patience… Acting because she deserves an Oscar for the look of pathetic starvation as she rests the tip of her well-fed  nose delicately on my knee and  gazes at me with longing. Patience because she knows very well that if she waits long enough, she will get the Jaffa Cake… The fact that there is a growing damp patch of drool spreading across my lap just adds to the insistency.

There is something about a pair of big brown eyes gazing up at you adoringly and…

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