Middle of Nowhere…

HM15 923

After much to-ing and fro-ing of furniture…

We had finally embarked upon our Pre-Tour of Wales and were approaching the border of our eventual destination although it would be some time before our actual arrival there.

Where are we?


Shouldn’t that be MON-shire?

No, it’s definitely Monmouth-shire. Anyway, you agreed we should check out Arthur’s Stone.

HM15 924

That was before I knew where it was.

We still don’t know where it is, technically.

But of course we do, it’s just a little further into the middle of nowhere, you’ll see.

HM15 926

I am going to be very disappointed if this turns out to be an erratic.

We don’t know what it’s going to be that’s the point. We have just completed an Arthurian Workshop, we are on our way to Wales and there happens to be a stone called Arthur just out of our way…

In the middle of nowhere…

A slight detour, that’s all…

A slight detour into the middle of nowhere…

HM15 928

It may be a standing stone.

It may, but a lot of the Arthur Sites have to do with Giants…

And battles…

And the hurling of huge stones…

Which is why I suspect it’s going to be an erratic.

HM15 941

Why, the connection with Arthur then?

Because in legend, Arthur was a Giant Bear.


And Giant Bears…

Are mountains…

Which is why in legend Arthur and his Knights still sleep in one.

Huh, huh…

HM15 931

It’s not a standing stone…

Nor, is it an erratic.

It’s a neolithic burial chamber!

As I was saying, another reason why these type of constructions are named after Arthur is because the Ancestors sleep there, just like Arthur and his legendary Knights…

Or rather, a collapsed neolithic burial chamber.

HM15 930

It’s three sites for the price of one…


We have erratics, and lots of them…

We have standing stones…

HM15 939

Or at least, Leaning Stones…

And a burial chamber…

A collapsed burial chamber.

HM15 942

Non the less impressive for that though.

I’d be inclined to agree.

Maybe it originally took its form from that of The Plough?

The Constellation?

The Great Bear.

Maybe it did.

That may even have been its original name.

Arthur’s Wain.

I like that.

Arthur’s Wagon.

So do I.

HM15 927

Makes one wonder what the sky-scape was like from this vantage five thousand years ago.

Doesn’t it just.

Where to now then?

Next stop… The Middle of Wales.

From the middle of nowhere to the middle of Wales.

You keep getting the emphasis wrong on that.

HM15 932


It’s now here not nowhere.

So do you.


It’s the middle of Cymru…

HM15 922‘Not King Arthur?’

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