In front of our eyes… by ‘The Sailor’.

The Silent Eye

Image: NASA

Companions studying with the Silent Eye submit weekly journals to their supervisors. Inevitably, given the shared journey, friendships build as formality fades.  We learn of each other’s lives and families as we share our stories, exploring the inner life of the soul and its relationship to the everyday world. With students right across the world, we get glimpses into lives that sometimes seem very different from our own… and at others simply serve to reinforce the kinship of the human family.

One such story was sent to me by a Companion in Nigeria and with his permission, I reproduce it here: 

While we were growing up, my senior sister, the second child of my parents, was known for hiding things and no one could find it, no matter how you turned the house upside down.

So on that day, our mother had some money she wanted to put…

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