Seeking the Seer…

The Silent Eye


The birds told me of your coming.

Hawk and Raven follow you;

sight and memory,

soaring of wings and thought.

I see you… tall and grey, small and red.

I see the purpose in your step and know where it leads.

I know what you seek…

I have been waiting since they laid me under stone…you come for my eyes.

There is a price…



…Bitter cold, the wind blasts the moor, hair whips colour into pale cheeks, rain hides the tears that still come.

It had been a long journey and little comfort awaited… just a fire in the small ravine by the waterfall, hides stretched between the rowans for shelter, meat she cannot stomach.

A place that matches the desolation in her heart…



…Gone, all gone.

The ravagers of the Raven had come.

Death a small price to pay to protect the sacred wisdom.

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