Victor Barrio: A new kind of death?

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

Should a person’s final journey between this life and the next be filmed and sent around the globe for all to see? In this post, I suggest strongly that it should not. I further imply that, if our own journeys are largely experienced through the medium of a screen, we are not truly present in our own existences!

I had never heard of Spanish matador, Victor Barrio, until his untimely death at the sharpest point of a bull’s horns was broadcast – to my mind with a wanton lack of human feeling – for the whole world to view on Facebook and YouTube (and, for all I know, on all news stations throughout the known universe).

I feel strongly that this latest trend in our response to death is unhealthy, insensitive and intrusive.

It does not matter what one’s views are on bull-fighting. This was a young man, married…

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