Where the stones whisper…

The Silent Eye

heather 2015 derbyshire, higger tor, beeley circle, edensor, bak 038

“They say the stones sleep. That they are old and forgotten… voiceless.

Is it so, little sister? Are they silent…or do they dream, the long, slow dreaming of aeons.

They were old when they were brought here. Older than memory. Older than time.

Their song never sleeps… it is we who live too fast.

I too am old…older than your dreams. Older than death.

Yet you hear me whisper on the wind…

My words reach your heart as you walk the circle.

Sit with me. Feel the sun-warmed stone at your back… and listen…”


Join us for a weekend amid the stone circles and ancient places in September.

Circles Beyond Time: Seeking the Seer

Meeting at the Fox House Inn between 4 and 5pm, we will drive to the top of nearby Higger Tor, where, from the stone strewn summit, we will watch as the sun sets in the west…

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