Going west – Pentre Ifan

The Silent Eye

Wales 117

It is a magical place. You are in no doubt of that as you walk along the path to the site. Hoary stones nestle in the hedgerow. Bluebells, those delicate woodland flowers that bloom only in spring, are blooming on the hillside at midsummer, scattered through the grass as if giving warning that here, time holds no sway and to step into the enclosure is to step out of this world’s realm and into another.

Wales 159

Your first sight of Pentre Ifan takes your breath away. I saw it many years ago, on a day that invited no other visitors… we had the place to ourselves for hours and time to get a feel for this sacred space. And, although many things here may be debated and pondered upon by minds scientific or spiritually inclined, there is no doubt about its sanctity.

Wales 118

It is the gigantic head of a bird that…

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9 thoughts on “Going west – Pentre Ifan

      1. Got that right. I very much felt that sacredness. I posted this one through my social media. Well worth sharing! If you need help with book promos I’ve got a ton of followers in Google plus. Interested in Pagan themed stuff.

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      1. Yes, I felt it quite strongly. The energy was of a sublime clarity and purity. I have only felt anything close to that from meditating inside an eight hundred year old Japanese Zen Buddhist temple.


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