Going west – the Yews of Nevern…and other surprises.

The Silent Eye

Wales 164

I was looking forward to Nevern Church… another one of those, like Kilpeck, that we would visit ‘one day’…and were visiting at last. To think that we had seen so much since Kilpeck, just three days before, seems incredible. But that’s the way these trips seem to work… time takes time off to stretch for a while, leaving us space to play. The trouble with some of these places, though, is that you come across them in researching other places…and forget what it is that you actually wanted to see. All I could recall was that Nevern was home to the Bleeding Yew and was, in fact renowned for its avenue of ancient yew trees, some of them over 700 years old.  Just like Kilpeck, though, we found far more than we imagined.

Wales 171

The Bleeding Yew is not an uncommon gardening phenomenon, but few have a place in legend…

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