Central Sun Energies: Menhirs, Pyramids, Symbolic Tech and Multi-Dimensional Activism

Some timely food for thought from ‘Brother Leeby’…


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The recent heavy influx of energies coming from our Galaxy’s central sun, due to the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal early this August, offers us a great opportunity to raise the frequency of the Earth, and to clear away the trauma and energetic blockages, that have obstructed our evolutionary process in the form of inter-personal aggression and wars since the Atlantean age.

In the ancient past, pyramids and menhirs( tall, thin standing stones) helped to receive such energies and transfer them like acupuncture needles into the subtle energetic meridians of the Earth in order to clear ley-lines, balance the Earth energies and mediate natural disasters. The ability of pyramids to mediate weather, natural disasters and to heal people’s bodies and minds, has been recorded by Russian researcher Dr Alexander Golod…

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