Old Man of Fontcalvy

Sun in Gemini

Old Man of Fontcalvy

The monk, long served, arises

Bathed, through shutter’s lid

In single beam of golden light

The last such kiss he will receive

An echo of that given, late,

By parting Father Abbot

True friend of forty years

Beneath the blocks

That now shield ageing flesh

From withering sun’s ordeal.

Alone, at last, the old man of Fontcalvy

Surveys his hallowed stones

His to close, to lock, forget, the man and boy

And then,

To take away its dying sigh

To leave, uncentred, radians of growing life

That fill the silent, fertile marsh,

Around this gentle place

Where loving hands have passed true peace

And eyes have shone the light

Of understanding, common,

By any tongue, or symbol fit of learning.

Cold water washes one last time

From stony trough

The aged fingers hold but drops

Unlike plump fruit of fields nearby

Beneath a…

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