Japan’s Ghostly Subways: A Shamanic Encounter



 Quantum Bleed by Leeby Geeby 2015 ©

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The following is a summary I wrote of a Japanese-language internet article on a Japanese subway incident which recently caused a huge Twitter storm. It’s just one of a number of such incidents in recent times.

As a foreign resident who has lived in Japan for over a decade, I have a deeply personal angle on this story. Not only that, I’m a Shamanic healer with an intimate knowledge of the spirit realm, and would like to offer some deeper perspective for consideration.

Whilst such incidents are frequently said to “defy rationality,” they don’t, in my understanding, defy all forms of rationality — just those bound up by materialistic scientific dogma.

But more on that later, first let’s get the basic background context of the story down. Here’s my summary:


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