Revisiting Old Paths: Seeking Merlin


wp_20150908_15_17_49_pro Photo: Jan Malique, Snowdonia 2015

I remember sitting by the river Ogwen in Snowdonia nearly twenty years ago. It was at the waning of Summer, the light was still infused with golden hues and the temperature quite comfortable. This particular Summer had been good, believe it or not. The weather in North Wales can be fantastic when the Sun blesses us with its presence. It wasn’t a good time for me though; back problems had been plaguing me for several years. This particular time was quite bad and I was mired in misery as a result. I sat on the riverbank trying to make notes for a story. Very little was forthcoming as my spirits were quite low. I prayed for healing, Merlin and the Goddess being the object of my entreaties. It sounds dramatic but not inappropriate under the circumstances. One cannot remain unaffected by being in such a…

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