Facing Oblivion, Scroll Two

The Silent Eye

Greetings, Amathus

How my heart leapt when I read the scroll your brave courier risked his life to bring. My own life has moved far from those innocent days when we gave that thin and trembling boy food and shelter. For several years we raised you as one of our own. I helped, of course, and watched and studied that intense boy with the blue-green eyes.

It has always been the custom among the Môecini to let the fates weave their pattern, especially within the minds and hearts of those in the care of the Druid tribes. So, when they saw us falling in love, they let us be; knowing that the life-thread would both add to the depth of my training as Priestess, and broaden the dimensions of your young life.

I know, without asking, that we hold in our hearts the memory of that final parting, in the grove…

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