The Unseen Sea – 12: A Passion for Perfection

The Silent Eye


Part Twelve of The Unseen Sea

Maria is calmer, now, after their confrontation. The rawness of such encounters is draining, her father knows. Like all deeply personal interactions, they uncover forces deep within the psyche, the self. The advantage is that they still the personality for long enough to allow some real healing to occur. Real healing, in his world, lies not in something originating within the mind–something we can engineer as though finding our way through a fog–but by the connection of our everyday existence with something vast that we have forgotten…

And that lies, hidden, below the personality; a personality that, in us all, is the strongest force we will ever encounter…

“You… we… can’t control every aspect of her young life.” he says, gently, hugging his daughter, who, initially, resists, then slides into the warmth of his embrace, remembering, in that warmth, her own childhood, before the…

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