The Unseen Sea – 13: A Four-Eyed Telescope

The Silent Eye


Part Thirteen of The Unseen Sea

The history of life’s reactions to its environment – the ‘out there’ – is written in what we now call the psychology of the human. The word psychology derives from the Greek ‘psyche’: literally, ‘The Self’, though self’ has come to mean many things since then.

In previous posts, we have discussed how LUCA’s separation and proto-consciousness arose together. Separation from the primal ocean generated the need for persistence, which became the drive for survival, as more and more organised variants of LUCA were evolved. This occurred because there was both preservation of successful variations and, eventually, the ability to remember, to image and to transmit the results to fellow LUCA life forms, thereby giving humans the ability to evolve, in a subjective sense, within a lifetime.

The journey through life this entails is written into the human psyche. Each of us relives…

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