Forever Falls…


I was here

When Ronald took the hot seat.

I watched from afar,


When he called

Diana, David

And stumbled over lines which in

His day of hay

He would have chewed like baccy.



His image truly spat…

A vacation brain

Which sunned itself

In shades,

While military aides

Loaded up

A flip top cranium

With pencil tipped




This man’s unsuitability,

Was scary…

The political situation

Much more than hairy,

And the fear of being nuked

Had become real enough

To make grown men puke,

But in our hour of need

Came scions after another creed.



They sang of tribes

That fight for points

And of factions whose only destiny

Was to end as fractions

They followed this up with the power of love

And saved us all from the hooded claw

Or so it seemed

To those that watched

From afar.



So, send them in…

There have to be clowns.



4 thoughts on “Forever Falls…

  1. This was an awesome post! We definitely have a clown leading us and hope he doesn’t ruin America, our standing and respect level in the world! Stuart, this was fantastic and I am old enough to remember bumbling Ronald with Nancy. šŸ™‚ This new development and election isn’t funny, though. Started following you now. Sorry it took me this long, I am sureI have read past posts. . . Smiles, Robin

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