The Unseen Sea – 16: The Envy of Self

The Silent Eye


Part Sixteen of The Unseen Sea

Jason Rowbrook, our Foreign Office diplomat, is an example of an Enneagram Type Four.

We talked about the three primary figures on the enneagram’s nine points: Nine, itself, Three and Six. These three express the primary polarities of personality in the underlying trinity of how the self is formed.

To the left and right of these lie two other points, referred to as ‘Wings’. The Type Three, therefore, has Types Two and Four as its Wings; the type Six has Types Five and Seven as its Wings. Finally, the Type Nine has Types Eight and One.

These are illustrated below.


These are not simply arbitrary. Type Three is the home of the Image. Type Six is the home of Fear. A Type Three ‘pulled’ towards the characteristics of Type Six, is a good way of describing the Type Four, and would be a…

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