Castlerigg – spectacle and speculation

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cumbria-castlerigg-22Castlerigg was not always known by its more modern name. Once it was better known as the Carles… and a carl was a ‘free man’. The name Carl also has associations with royalty. ‘Rigg’ simply means ‘ridge’…  Perhaps it was the Ridge of Kings? The Royal Ridge? Maybe the whole thing is an ancient valley of the kings… or a ‘royal road’…But that is pure speculation.


There are all the usual legends of the circle being men turned to stone and, in the changing light and the silence of the winds, you can see their faces and forms in the stones, seeing how the legend may have begun. In this magical place it takes little imagination to see the stones as the bodies their mystics left behind as they journeyed to the Otherworld. Above the hills the clouds shift and swirl, dancing figures that blur and fade, telling half a…

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