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cumbria-long-meg-snow-castlerigg-loki-kirkby-stephen-111There wasn’t a great deal of light as we left Castlerigg. You could have been excused for thinking it almost dusk, but it was still only mid-afternoon. We couldn’t check into the pub where we were staying for a while and, we thought, we would have plenty of time to find our next destination. We hadn’t taken into consideration the elusive nature of standing stones though. When they are not, as attested by many legends… and my companion with whom I have hunted them… wandering the landscape, they hide. Or at least, some of them do. It is easy enough to find your Stonehenge and your Arbor low kind of place… those are neatly signposted and well marked. But there are many that are not and yet others that, in spite of signposts, simply do not wish to be found, wrapping themselves in shadow to preserve their mysteries from…

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