Smoke #writephoto…


I know why we did it.

Why it was suggested.

It was Ned’s idea.

Ned, with his ‘sacred tobacco’.

Still, it could hardly have been sacred here, then…


It worked though, boy did it work, but not in quite the way we were expecting.

We read later that the place was supposed to be haunted and that a ‘white figure’ had been reported.

Well, if a figure is going to form in the smoke it would pretty much have to be white…

But if I didn’t know better I’d be tempted to describe this as a ‘feathered seer’.



14 thoughts on “Smoke #writephoto…

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the “dissenting voice” – the voice and tone of slight disbelief and questioning – you’ve really captured it so well – sets the ambiance well – and I love the last line – so irreverent! 🙂

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