Dare you enter the weird world of Don and Wen? Kindle Offer

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


It is not your normal fiction.

It was never supposed to be.

It breaks so many of the rules of fiction writing that no publisher with his eye on the popular bestseller list would touch it with a bargepole.

It takes a bit of getting into; the intertwined stories seem to hop all over the place… until you pick up the rhythm.

It is decidedly odd.

But it is true.


Apart from the central plot that allows us to tell our tale.

And the pork pies.

For the next few days and for a mere 99c on Amazon.com or 99p on Amazon UK, you could dip your toe into the weird world of Don and Wen.

Read Chapter One here.


Lands of Exile: But ‘n’ Ben

Stuart France & Sue Vincent

Click the links for Kindle Offer

99p on Amazon UK – 99c on Amazon.com

20th Dec 2016 –…

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