A golden gift – Being there

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


“I dream of light-flowers erupting from hilltops…”
‘Don’ from The Initiate (France & Vincent)

There are some things you know you have to share, but do not know how or even where to begin. Do you tell only the bald facts and let people make of it what they will? Or do you attempt to share the subjective experience? Or find a pathway between the two somehow and hope those same people will read with open heart and mind, accepting the resulting mix of actuality and experience for what it is; a mystery.


On the surface, the adventure began with the unaccountable forgetting of a bag. Except, it wasn’t unaccountable, there were reasons why the bag lost its place in conscious thought. A particular song on the radio, an incredibly moving article just as we were about to leave… heart took precedence over logic and the car was loaded without…

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