Seeds of Light

The Silent Eye


During our recent event in Anglesey, we were all given a candle and sunflower seeds; physical symbols of the inner work upon which we had been engaged The symbolism is, at first glance, self-explanatory… light and growth…and the instruction was to carry the seeds of light into the world.

A flower is a beautiful and apt symbol for the human journey. While they are incredibly different in their outer form, they function in an essentially similar way. From the outside…bright, brash, delicate or pale…  the petals could be likened to the personality; what makes a flower, or an individual, easily identifiable. You need no special knowledge or complex tests to decide if what you see is a rose or a thistle.

From the inside, you might compare the petals to our fears, emotions, expectations and desires. Allowed to grow unharmed, they may produce beauty and become attractive, which is…

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