Journal of the far side: 7 – Tjukurpa

The Silent Eye


It is, in the end, all about creationtime. The meaning of this is not obvious to the Western psyche steeped in its causal logic, locked into this-to-that and the inevitable need, therefore to create this…. and the fear of not doing.


If you believe that we don’t create anything, that our role as a divinely inhabited observer is subtly different, then everything changes, and you can enter what the Aboriginal people called Dreamtime…

Only, they didn’t. What we call Dreamtime, meaning a kind of trance, is only a part of a way of harmonious living with the land and with others. This greater name is Tjukurpa.


Tjukurpa has little to do with dreaming. It does, though, have a lot to do with Ancestors. However, the dark-skinned gentlings of this place would say we don’t understand ancestors, either…


And then time shifts…
She showed me the gentling. On…

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